Dashelito’s, an award winning hot sauce company in Madison Wisconsin, is happy to announce that Dashelito’s has won our 1st Scovie Award- 2016, 1st PlaceHot Sauce > Medium

The 2016 Scovie AwardsAbout the Scovie Awards

The Scovie Awards evolved from the National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show after 1996 when the contest was called “The Fiery Foods Challenge.” Originally, it was part of the show and even had a People’s Choice Award that was voted on by the general public. After we discovered ballot-stuffing during the contest, the decision was made to separate the show and the awards, which were renamed “The Scovie Awards” to honor the memory of Wilbur Scoville, the scientist who invented the Scoville Organoleptic Test in 1912 to determine the heat scale of chile peppers.

The Scovie Awards Competition accepts entries for two months during the summer and the judging is held the Monday of the week between the New Mexico State Fair and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. The judging, which is not open to the public, consists of 80 to 100 judges, mostly food professionals, who sample products in coded cups in what is called a “blind tasting.” They fill out judging forms and rate the products according to eye appeal, aroma, flavor, and heat scale, and the forms are later totaled and compiled by our staff.

9th Annual Hot Pepper Awards
/ February 9, 2016

The 9th Annual Hot Pepper AwardsDashelito’s is proud to continue our award winning traditions! The good folks at The Hot Pepper have awarded Dashelito’s the following:

Sweet and Savory Hot Sauces: 2nd – Dashelito’s – Sweet Heat
Pepper-Based Hot Sauce: 3rd – Dashelito’s – Green Fire
Savory Hot Sauce: 2nd – Dashelito’s – Bourboñaro
Sweet Hot Sauce: 2nd – Dashelito’s – Sweet Heat

The Hot Peppers Awards is highly regarded as the fiery foods competition that recognizes superior quality products.

This recipe is really one where the sum is better than the parts. This Dashelito’s Eggs and Spinach Recipe is the perfect light, low carb breakfast dish. And the one pan means a quick clean-up. You can very the heat level based on which Dashelito’s Hot Pepper Sauce you poor on top.

Eggs and spinach with Dashelito's Hot Pepper SauceIngredients:

  • One or more eggs
  • 4-6 ounces fresh spinach
  • Grated cheese of your choice
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Dashelito’s hot pepper sauce of your choice
  • Oil


First heat the pan and cook the eggs to your preference. We prefer over-easy. Once the eggs are done to your liking slide them on to a plate and sprinkle with grated cheese. Place the pan back on the stove, add a little oil and then the spinach. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Stir. Once the spinach has wilted place a top the eggs to melt the cheese. If you like spice add Bourbonaro Sweet Potato Hot Pepper Sauce or Green Fire Hot Pepper Sauce. If you prefer milder heat use Smoked Green Owl Hot Pepper Sauce. Enjoy with a cup of good coffee.

Dashelito’s is pleased to announce that national hot sauce reviewer Bill Moore’s Hot & Spicy Reviews has given Dashelito’s Sweet Heat Hot Pepper Sauce 9/10 on flavor. Please check out the entire review on YouTube or see the excerpt below. We’re happy Bill enjoyed Sweet Heat Candied Jalapeno Hot Pepper Sauce so much that by the time his review was finished the bottle was empty.

Hey, guys. How’s it going. It’s Bill Moore. Today, I’m going to start the first of about three different hot sauce reviews, from a company that’s located up in Madison, Wisconsin. This company is really focusing on some very unique flavor profiles, using all natural ingredients, no preservatives or chemical additives whatsoever, made in small batches.

The name of the company is Dashelito’s. That’s a picture of their family of about five different hot sauces. They’ve got the Green Fire, the Smoky Green Owl, the Red Honey, I’ll be reviewing that one, the Bourbonaro, I will be reviewing that one, and the Sweet Heat that I’ll be sharing with you guys today. These were sent to me from the owner, Robert Grether, and he has named the company after his son, Dashel. There he is right there, on the label. He kind of looks like the Gerber baby, doesn’t he?

Sweet Heat reviewer gives Dashelito's Sweet Heat 9/10Really nice looking labels on these hot sauces. I really like this. Very nicely done. Once again, we’re going to start off with the Sweet Heat Candied Jalapeno Sauce. It says on this one, starts out sweet and lingers at the end, with a smoky spice that’s just right. Let’s go ahead and get into the ingredients on this one. It’s very simple. Sodium’s only 5.8 milligrams, so that’s awesome.

We start off with jalapeno peppers, vinegar, sugar, garlic, spice and salt. All right. Now, look at the color on this one, guys, this is just a gorgeous green jalapeno color. You can see a little bit of that sugary sweetness in there, and those peppers all blended together. It’s got a nice consistency. Not too thick or thin. Let’s go ahead and check out the aroma, and then I’ll share what I did with this one. Wow. These jalapeno peppers. A nice, natural blast of fresh, green jalapeno peppers, and then a little bit of the sweetness. I believe I can pick up on the garlic, as well, but it’s very, very savory aroma on this. Up front is just an awesome aroma of jalapeno peppers.

Let’s check this one out on a spoon. Look at that. Doesn’t that look good? All right, here we go. Beautiful color. Wow. It’s like you could drink the whole bottle. Absolutely delicious. You get the jalapeno flavor. You get the sweetness. It’s not overly sweet, but it is sweet, but very nicely done on this one. Just absolutely delicious. This is very savory. It’s sweet. If you like your jalapeno peppers, but you don’t want them smoky, you want them with some sugar, you want them sweet, then this is definitely a great sauce. I’d recommend it. Just a gorgeous flavor on this one. Very, very good. Absolutely delicious.

I think this would be good on lots of different food. I even think this would be good on ice cream or some desserts. What I did, I put this on top of a ham, turkey and cheese sandwich, and it was very, very good. I think this is really good mixed up with mayonnaise. I think you could mix it up with ranch dressing. You could do a lot with it, but just is awesome straight up, by itself for a jalapeno sauce.

It’s exactly what it says, candied jalapeno sauce. It’s just got that beautiful, delicious, candied jalapeno flavor. Very nicely done on this, Rob. On flavor, I would have to give this one a strong 9 out of 10 for flavor. Very, very good. This is quite addictive. This bottle will not last long at all. On heat, I think they’ve got this one rated in the medium category, so they’ve got something for everybody. They’ve got mild. They’ve got medium. They’ve got hot and extra hot. Not picking up too much, at all, from this one, so I’ll just give it a 1 out of 10, on my scale, for heat. Flavor, awesome. Very, very good sauce.

If you want to check these guys out, please give them a like on Facebook. You can find them at Dashelito’s. The website simply is dashelitos.com. Link will be down in the description. Okay, stay tuned for a couple more reviews for this company. Rob, thank you very much for sending it. I do appreciate it. Everybody, thanks for watching. Until the next time, enjoy the burn. We’ll see you guys later.

WIDACP- Finding the dollars - how to find capitol to support business growthDashelito’s would like to thank the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, Tera Johnson of UW Extension Food Finance Institute, and Paul Dietmann of Badgerland Financial for the very informative seminar “Finding the Dollars”. This seminar was the last in a series under the “2014-2015 Local Food Business Seminar” series.

The subject of “Finding the Dollars” was an introduction to business capital sources for Wisconsin farm and food businesses. The seminar discussed the appropriate uses of crowd funding, kick starter, pre-payments, vendor financing, customer financing, private investor loans, friends and family loans, micro loan funds, social venture investor loans, equity investors, conventional bank loans, and the role of guarantees.

We’re thinking and planning about how to support the capitol requirements of our growing food and hot pepper sauce production business without sacrificing our Midwestern values and all natural products. Dashelito’s will keep you posted on our plans and opportunities – thank you for your continued support!

Join us for the fifth annual Top Shelf Winter Taste featuring Jim Beam

A “Top Shelf” event calls for top shelf flavor. That’s why Dashelito’s is pleased to announce that we’ll be part of the Top Shelf Winter Taste at the Wisconsin Brewing Company on Monday, March 23, 2015.

Please stop by and try one of Dashelito’s signature hot pepper sauces. Others offering tastes and sips are (Patron and Dashelito’s is a great combination!):

Get your tickets here. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone… but as of this writing there is even a Groupon for this event.

Midwest Foodservice Expo Milwaukee WIDashelito’s is just wrapping up 3 days at the Midwest Foodservice Expo at the Something Special from Wisconsin pavilion.

We greatly enjoyed talking food trends with chefs, restaurateurs, and food entrepreneurs. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to stop by our booth to talk flavor.

Our brand new product proved a big hit – Undertow Caribbean Curry Hot Pepper Sauce SOLD OUT. Food pros know how to find the good stuff! We should have Undertow in our sales channels soon.

Midwest Food Service Expo Milwaukee WisconsinIf you are attending the March 9-11 Food Service Expo in Milwaukee Wisconsin please stop by and say hello and taste our highly rated hot pepper sauce products. Our booth number is SSFW27. This location is in the Something Special From Wisconsin main area and not far from the Beer Garden!

And yes, we will be featuring the highly rated Bourbonaro Sweet Potato Hot Pepper Sauce.

Dashelito’s is proud to announce that the good folks at I Love It Spicy (http://iloveitspicy.com/), have reviewed our Bourbonaro Sweet Potato Hot Pepper Sauce and have given it 4.5 out of 5 (Nearly flawless, highly recommended, must buy).

Dashelito’s is a solidly Midwestern company. As such, like most folks from the Midwest, we don’t like to blow our horn. “Work hard… Do what’s right and don’t brag about it… Keep your head down… Believe in yourself” – that’s what we were taught and believe in. But sometimes, just sometimes, we like to hear that we’re doing a great job.

“This is a fantastic sauce. I’m going to tell people about this one, and I’m going to continue to have this in my house. Out of Madison, Wisconsin. It’s nice. Dashelitos. Check them out. Good stuff. Very, very good stuff.”
– Derrick Wood, Iloveitspicy.com

iloveitspicy.com review Bourbonaro Hot Sauce

“I Love It Spicy” is not a big money “paid” blog. They seem to be a nationwide group of regular people that like food with great flavor and great spice. Dashelito’s could not be more pleased that Derrick likes our Bourbonaro Sweet Potato Hot Pepper Sauce almost as much as we do.

A couple of other contributors reviewed our sauce as well. We’ll post those overwhelmingly positive reviews soon.

Cheese People of Beloit
/ February 20, 2015

Cheese People of BeloitWe love cheese. We love Daehelito’s. We are happy to announce a match made in heaven: Dashelito’s hot pepper sauces may now be found in the Cheese People of Beloit store in Beloit Wisconsin.

Cheese People of Beloit is a  family run business owned by Darren and Judith Larsen. They opened the doors to their store in May of 2012 and are open seven days a week.  Along with the cheeses they carry an ever growing list of hand selected accompaniments, craft beers and wine in the store.

If you are heading to the Beloit Film Festival please stop in the store to say hello and pick up your Dashelito’s hot pepper sauces. Maybe they’ll be able to “hook” you up with the new Hooks 20 year cheddar at over $200 a pound.


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