Reviewer Gives Dashelito’s Sweet Heat 9/10

Dashelito’s is pleased to announce that national hot sauce reviewer Bill Moore’s Hot & Spicy Reviews has given Dashelito’s Sweet Heat Hot Pepper Sauce 9/10 on flavor. Please check out the entire review on YouTube or see the excerpt below. We’re happy Bill enjoyed Sweet Heat Candied Jalapeno Hot Pepper Sauce so much that by the time his review was finished the bottle was empty.

Hey, guys. How’s it going. It’s Bill Moore. Today, I’m going to start the first of about three different hot sauce reviews, from a company that’s located up in Madison, Wisconsin. This company is really focusing on some very unique flavor profiles, using all natural ingredients, no preservatives or chemical additives whatsoever, made in small batches.

The name of the company is Dashelito’s. That’s a picture of their family of about five different hot sauces. They’ve got the Green Fire, the Smoky Green Owl, the Red Honey, I’ll be reviewing that one, the Bourbonaro, I will be reviewing that one, and the Sweet Heat that I’ll be sharing with you guys today. These were sent to me from the owner, Robert Grether, and he has named the company after his son, Dashel. There he is right there, on the label. He kind of looks like the Gerber baby, doesn’t he?

Sweet Heat reviewer gives Dashelito's Sweet Heat 9/10Really nice looking labels on these hot sauces. I really like this. Very nicely done. Once again, we’re going to start off with the Sweet Heat Candied Jalapeno Sauce. It says on this one, starts out sweet and lingers at the end, with a smoky spice that’s just right. Let’s go ahead and get into the ingredients on this one. It’s very simple. Sodium’s only 5.8 milligrams, so that’s awesome.

We start off with jalapeno peppers, vinegar, sugar, garlic, spice and salt. All right. Now, look at the color on this one, guys, this is just a gorgeous green jalapeno color. You can see a little bit of that sugary sweetness in there, and those peppers all blended together. It’s got a nice consistency. Not too thick or thin. Let’s go ahead and check out the aroma, and then I’ll share what I did with this one. Wow. These jalapeno peppers. A nice, natural blast of fresh, green jalapeno peppers, and then a little bit of the sweetness. I believe I can pick up on the garlic, as well, but it’s very, very savory aroma on this. Up front is just an awesome aroma of jalapeno peppers.

Let’s check this one out on a spoon. Look at that. Doesn’t that look good? All right, here we go. Beautiful color. Wow. It’s like you could drink the whole bottle. Absolutely delicious. You get the jalapeno flavor. You get the sweetness. It’s not overly sweet, but it is sweet, but very nicely done on this one. Just absolutely delicious. This is very savory. It’s sweet. If you like your jalapeno peppers, but you don’t want them smoky, you want them with some sugar, you want them sweet, then this is definitely a great sauce. I’d recommend it. Just a gorgeous flavor on this one. Very, very good. Absolutely delicious.

I think this would be good on lots of different food. I even think this would be good on ice cream or some desserts. What I did, I put this on top of a ham, turkey and cheese sandwich, and it was very, very good. I think this is really good mixed up with mayonnaise. I think you could mix it up with ranch dressing. You could do a lot with it, but just is awesome straight up, by itself for a jalapeno sauce.

It’s exactly what it says, candied jalapeno sauce. It’s just got that beautiful, delicious, candied jalapeno flavor. Very nicely done on this, Rob. On flavor, I would have to give this one a strong 9 out of 10 for flavor. Very, very good. This is quite addictive. This bottle will not last long at all. On heat, I think they’ve got this one rated in the medium category, so they’ve got something for everybody. They’ve got mild. They’ve got medium. They’ve got hot and extra hot. Not picking up too much, at all, from this one, so I’ll just give it a 1 out of 10, on my scale, for heat. Flavor, awesome. Very, very good sauce.

If you want to check these guys out, please give them a like on Facebook. You can find them at Dashelito’s. The website simply is Link will be down in the description. Okay, stay tuned for a couple more reviews for this company. Rob, thank you very much for sending it. I do appreciate it. Everybody, thanks for watching. Until the next time, enjoy the burn. We’ll see you guys later.

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